Ideas Raised: 305

Number of participants: 16

IT students from :

  • Institute of Technology SIANTOU

  • National Polytechnic School l

  • Protestant University of Central Africa

  • Catholic University of Central Africa

Concepts Developed : 3


The main ideas collected

Advertising and communication (27.5%): it is about making documentaries about the achievements of the NRC, to post testimonials and reports on the media and the social networks. It is also a question of increasing the notoriety of the NRC to establish its credibility with the citizens.

Green Number (15%): This is a NRC telephone contact who would be available 24/24 and 7/7 to answer all questions and provide support to anyone wishing to obtain further information.

Web and Mobile application and website (10%): The development of a Web and Mobile application and a website are good modern tools for the solution that targets mostly High Tech citizens.

Diversity of means of payment (10%): it is a question of allowing each citizen to contribute through the channel that best corresponds to him, USSD, bank transfer, credit card, collection box, electronic payment, etc.

Classification by level of vulnerability (5%): this is for the NRC to group beneficiaries by level of poverty and offer support to the poorest at least the poor.

Multiple and secure withdrawal points (5%): Allow recipients to collect their donations in multiple NRC withdrawal points with an emphasis on securing these points of withdrawal.

NRC collects and redistributes funds (5%): NRC has an intermediary role, which revolves around fundraising, redistributing these funds to people identified by the NRC and according to its criteria, and feedback from donors.

Any type of donor (5%): Allow everyone to participate: Cameroonian or not, living in Cameroon or abroad.

Volunteer / Volunteer (2.5%): Allow volunteers from the beneficiaries or not to redistribute the funds in order to reduce the operating costs and therefore the support costs of the project.

Distribution of mobile phones (2.5%): Distribute mobile phones to beneficiaries and supervise them and train them for the use of these devices.

Individual sponsorship (2.5%): possibility for a donor to follow an individual or a family by providing the help necessary for his or her self-fulfillment until financial independence.

Public personalities (2.5%): opt for an ambassador of the project who would be a public personality loved by the majority.

Fund Management Report and History (2.5%): Regularly publish reports on fund management and beneficiary use.

Alert (2.5%): put alert links on the website or on the mobile app to remind citizens to make a donation.